How to Change the Wallpaper in Android Marshmallow

how to change wallpaper in android marshmallow

The background image that you see when you look at your phone's Home screen is called the Wallpaper. This is a setting that you can customize at any time. There are several options that come with your phone by default, but you can also choose to use … [Continue reading]

How to Increase the Font Size for an Entire Document in Google Docs

how to increase font size in google docs

Google Docs contains many of the formatting options that are available in other word processing programs and, chances are, you may have already used a few of them in your existing document. But you may have found that a current font size is too … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Second Column to a Document in Google Docs

how to add columns in google docs

Not every document that is created in Google Docs will require the same formatting. Some need different types of headings, or different fonts, while others will require the use of columns. Whether these columns are needed for a newsletter, or because … [Continue reading]

How to Remove the Weather Widget in Android Marshmallow

how to delete the weather widget in android marshmallow

Customizing your smartphone's Home screen is an important step in making the device as efficient as possible. It's very likely that you use a couple of your apps more often than others, so placing those apps on the Home screen to make them more … [Continue reading]

How to Customize Cellular Data Usage By the iPhone Music App

how to customize cellular data usage music iphone

The apps on your iPhone can use a lot of data if given the chance. This is typically not an issue when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, but it can be a concern when you are on a cellular network and need to keep an eye on the amount of data that … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Column in Google Sheets

how to delete a column in google sheets

Deleting and editing data in a cell in Google Sheets is often as simple as clicking on a cell and typing the new information that you want to appear in that cell. While this is effective when you need to modify individual cells, however, it is less … [Continue reading]

How to Add the Developer Tab in Word 2016

how to add developer tab in word 2016

The Word 2016 navigational structure is based around the ribbon at the top of the window. By clicking any of the tabs on that ribbon you are presented with a set of tools and settings that fall within the category identified by the ribbon tab. But … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Websites from Seeing if You Have Apple Pay on Your iPhone

how to block websites from checking for apple pay

The Apple Pay feature on your iPhone provides and new simple and secure method of making payments through your device. It integrates with a number of third-party apps, as well as many of the default ones on your device. One interesting interaction is … [Continue reading]

How to View Potential iOS 11 App Compatibility Issues on an iPhone

view ios 11 app compatibility

Apple often releases new versions of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, and the next version to be released is iOS 11. In preparation for this new version, app developers often need to make changes to their apps so that they will be … [Continue reading]

How to Insert a Page Count in Google Docs

how to add page count in google docs

Adding page numbers to your document header or footer is useful for several reasons, and having those page numbers is often a requirement for different types of institutions. Individual pages of a document can be separated from one another on … [Continue reading]