How to Change the Width of Multiple Columns in Google Sheets

how to resize multiple columns in google sheets

Have the sizes of the columns in your Google Sheets spreadsheet become unruly? Or is data becoming difficult to read because it is obstructed by other columns? Then resizing those columns is definitely something that you will want to do. But … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off the Sound Notifications in the iPhone Twitch App

how to turn off twitch notification sounds on iphone

Most of the apps on your iPhone will attempt to send you one type of notification or another. Some of these notifications are helpful and wanted, while others can be a bit on the annoying side. The Twitch app on your iPhone is capable of sending … [Continue reading]

How to View the List of Blocked Senders in Outlook 2013

how to view blocked senders in outlook 2013

Spammers and annoying email contacts are probably the worst part of managing your email inbox. You may have marked those messages as junk, or unsubscribed from a newsletter, but that doesn't always have the effect that you would hope. Luckily … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Phone Call on an iPhone 7

how to delete call iphone 7

The Recents tab in your iPhone's Phone app includes a list of the calls that you have made and received. Occasionally, however, a phone call will appear on that list that you would like to hide or forget about. Fortunately this is possible by a … [Continue reading]

How to Turn On Automatic Music Downloads in iOS 10

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Do you switch between devices a lot? This is very common for users that often need to work across a variety of platforms, or who enjoy using phones, tablets, or computers in different situations. But managing all of your files across these devices … [Continue reading]

How to Toggle Case in Word 2013

how to toggle case in word 2013

Do you have a document that is entirely in the wrong case? Or did you accidentally hit Caps Lock while you were typing, and went through an entire paragraph or two before you realized it? Retyping the same text in a document can be annoying and … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Page Order in Excel 2013

how to change page order in excel 2013

It's very common for an Excel spreadsheet to be too large to fit on one page. Additional cells are then pushed to another page and, depending upon how your data is organized, you might need to manually shuffle the printed sheets so that they are in … [Continue reading]

How to Clear Cache in Firefox on an iPhone 7

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Deleting stored data from your Web browser can be a good way to keep your browsing activities private, clear up some storage space on your device, and troubleshoot problems that you are having when trying to view a website. The Firefox browser on … [Continue reading]

How to Allow Apps from Unknown Sources in Android Marshmallow

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There are thousands of apps in the Google Play store, and it's very likely that almost anything that you might want to realistically do on your phone can be done by downloading and installing one of those apps. But occasionally there may be an old … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Gmail Notifications in Android Marshmallow

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Does your phone screen constantly light up because you have received a new email? Are you getting so many emails throughout the course of the day that your notifications have essentially become irrelevant? The time may have come for you to consider … [Continue reading]